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A data science blog by Dario Radečić. I’m a Data Scientist and Top Tech Writer. I have over 40,000 followers on Medium, and over 10M blog views.

About me

  • Master’s degree in Data Science. Years of experience implementing machine learning pipelines in companies.
  • 4+ years of technical writing experience. Published over 300 articles – on Better Data Science, Towards Data Science and other platforms.

I’m Also a Book Author

Machine Learning Automation with TPOT covers everything you need to know to go from a fundamental understanding of machine learning to proficiency in deploying AutoML models. Here’s the chapter list:

  • Machine Learning and the Idea of Automation
  • Deep dive into TPOT
  • Exploring Regression with TPOT
  • Exploring Classification with TPOT
  • Parallel training with TPOT and Dask
  • Getting started with Deep Learning: Crash Course in Neural Networks
  • Neural Network Classifier with TPOT
  • TPOT Model Deployment
  • Using the Deployed TPOT Model in Production

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